Southern Still Failing

28 June 2018                                                                                         

Southern’s services continue to fail

Further to MLAG’s Press Release of 31 May, published in RyeNews on 1 June, we continue to have issues with the reliability of SouthernRailways service following the introduction of the new timetable on 20 May. The first service failure was on 31 May but it was quickly followed by similar failures on 6 and 13 June. It should be said there have been other service outages but these have been as a result of trespass on the line or (on Tuesday of this week) a fire at Eastbourne – but MLAG does not assign blame to Southern for interruptions to the service outside its control.

But, as advised in the earlier Press Release, we were looking for Southern to explain the issues that gave rise to the service failures and advise us what they were doing to mitigate problems in the future. This is particularly irritating since we reasonably expected an increase in service reliability to be one dividend for the shortening of the length of the MarshLink service (from Ashford – Brighton to Ashford – Eastbourne) and therefore the availability of an additional unit operating the MarshLink service.

Having received inadequate responses, MLAG raised the matter at a meeting with Southern this week to discuss a range of issues with the new service and this matter was high on our agenda. We intend to publish the response we receive.

As to the other issues discussed, these will be reported on in due course.


Stuart Harland


MarshLink Action Group