Rye Museum Posters at Rye Station

Rail partnership brightens East Sussex station

Rye railway station has just become even more interesting as a result of the partnership between Rye museum, Southern, and the Sussex Rail Community Partnership (‘SCRP’).
The booking hall at the pretty East Sussex station now includes posters detailing some of the exhibits on display at the nearby Rye museum.
Kevin Barry, the SCRP’s Community Rail Officer for the Marshlink line, explained “ This is the second year that the Rye Museum have put on a small exhibition, to let visitors who come to Rye by train, know that within a short walking distance they can get a flavor of the history of Rye. We work very hard in the local community to help charities and organisations to attract visitors far and wide and to travel by train. I would like to thank Rye Museum and Southern who provided the space.”
I Boorman, the chair of the Marshlink community rail partnership, added :- “Kevin Barry works really hard to encourage more people to use the train, and does a superb job providing new displays at Rye station. It’s great to see these, and I am sure that passengers – local commuters and visitors – really enjoy looking at them too.”
And Kate Richards, Southern’s local station manager responsible for Rye, said :- “It’s fantastic to have a lovely new set of posters for our booking hall at Rye station and these ones are not only attractive to look at but also make a very interesting read.”
* * *