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Major Changes to Tooley Street

From 30 April until February 2018 there will be changes to the road and pavement on Tooley Street, as work to rebuild London Bridge station continues as part of the Thameslink Programme.

30 April to 3 May 2016 – May Day Bank Holiday Weekend

From the early hours of Saturday 30 April until Tuesday 3 May Tooley Street closes completely to traffic from Borough High Street to Bermondsey Street while we relocate our worksite. You will still be able to access Tooley Street on foot throughout the weekend.

There will also be changes to train services throughout the bank holiday weekend as work continues across London and the South East as part of Network Rail’s Railway Upgrade Plan.  Please check before you travel at

From Tuesday 3 May 2016 until February 2018

From Tuesday 3 May the footpath on the station side of the road closes to pedestrians from under the pedestrian bridge to the Cottons Centre to Bermondsey Street. The footpath on the other side of the road will remain open throughout the closure.

Cyclists will be able to travel in both directions on Tooley Street – westbound with the traffic and eastbound in a segregated lane.

Tooley Street will be closed to eastbound traffic from Borough High Street to Bermondsey Street. Westbound traffic will travel in the eastbound lane. Routes 47 towards Catford Bus Garage, 343 towards City Hall, 381 towards Peckham, N199 towards St Mary Cray and RVI towards Tower Gateway will be diverted. Westbound buses will operate as normal.

The taxi rank on Tooley Street moves to Bermondsey Street and remains there once the new station is completed.

More Information

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Press Release 13/4/2016

MLAG will be holding its AGM this year on Friday 15 April at Rye Town Hall. The formal meeting will start at 7pm with presentations, followed by questions, at around 7.15pm (to allow attendees to get to the meeting by train).


The speakers at the AGM will be:


– Martin Grier, Head of Drivers, Southern Railway who will be commenting on the past year’s performance, problems (and solutions ?) encountered and, perhaps, MLAG’s objectives;


– Paul Best, Senior Strategic Planner, Network Rail who will comment on recent infrastructure developments in the area (in particular the MarshLink line). Of particular interest to MLAG at the moment, he is heavily involved in assessing infrastructure requirements that would affect the viability of a direct Javelin service from London to Rye, Hastings and Bexhill. He may also be able to inform us about a consultation that is soon to take place in which views of the public are sought on such matters as the proposed Javelin service;


– Ray Chapman, Chairman of East Sussex Rail Alliance (of which MLAG is a member) who is a driving force behind bringing the Javelin service to the MarshLink and now a member of the High Speed Working Group recently established to bring this proposal to fruition; and


– Roger Blake, Director of Railfuture who will have an independent view on rail opportunities and developments (noting that the stated role of Railfuture is “to campaign for a bigger, better railway in Britain”).


Come to the meeting if you have any issues with the current MarshLink services you’d like to share or want to hear or comment on the latest proposals for the Javelin service. You may find the current proposals are somewhat different to what they were at last year’s AGM.


Meanwhile, MLAG’s new website (still on should be operational by the time of the meeting but is formally still under development



Stuart Harland


13 April 2016