No Trains on MarshLink today or This Weekend

There will be no trains on the MarshLink today (Friday 30 December) or indeed until 3 January. MLAG is not sure why there are no trains today as the RMT Guards action starts tomorrow, but a shortage of drivers due to sickness and the overtime ban seems to be the explanation. It is obvious that Southern cannot run an adequate service without resort to overtime working which depends to a degree on goodwill and cooperation with the drivers which, to put it mildly, is not forthcoming at present.

As we approach the New Year there seems no end to this dispute which is having serious economic effects on the local area including Rye  and is causing untold misery and disruption to commuters and other rail passengers. As we have said before, MLAG can see both sides of the argument but surely the time has come for meaningful negotiations with a bit of give and take on both sides and a more constructive approach from the Dept of Transport. Otherwise there is no end in sight or light at the end of the tunnel (sorry).



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