No Trains from Rye This Weekend!!

Well we have had strike action since last Summer causing untold grief to our rail service. Just as I thought that the service was improving we are now advised that there will be no trains between Ashford and Hastings this weekend. This is apparently due to scheduled engineering work by National Rail, but the timing could hardly be worse given that many people unfortunately have given up on the Rye train service.

To make matters worse there is no information about the lack of weekend service at Rye Station. The station is closed most of the time these days due to a staff shortage following Gordon’s retirement before Christmas. However somebody from Southern could surely have publicised that there will be no trains. There is not surprisingly no information either about the replacement bus service even though this has long been arranged.

For information replacement bus times are (according to National Rail) as follows:


To Ashford:

06.23, 07.10, 08.28 hourly til 21.28, 22.26.  Journey time 39 minutes via Appledore and Ham Street

To: Hastings:

06.21 hourly til 21.21, 22.19, 23.13. Journey time 43 minutes


To Ashford:

07.27, 08.14, 09.13, 10.12, 11.11, then hourly til 22.11. Journey time 39 minutes as above.

To Hastings:

08.04, 09.04, then hourly til 22.04, 23.13. Journey time 43 minutes.

We hope this information helps, it is derived from the National Rail Web Site and App, but I cannot understand why notices with the information are not displayed at the station. If you are travelling this weekend, GOOD LUCK!!

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