The MLAG accounts have been prepared and approved. Normally these would form an item at the AGM, but due to COVID we like other groups are unable to hold meetings either of members or of the committee. We are however still monitoring the MarshLink and taking up issues with the operator as usual. There are far fewer passengers on the trains and plenty of room given that four coach units are now normal. We, like all rail enthusiasts, are concerned for the future since only Government subsidy is allowing trains to operate. Things will probably be a little more normal when the schools return next month and presumably commuter traffic will continue to pick up as people return to offices, but much remains uncertain.

A useful check list for train travel:

The Accounts for 2019 were as follows:

As can be seen from above the Group made a small surplus in 2019 thanks to minimal expenditure. As we still collect most of our subscriptions at meetings, things do not look as good for 2020 and I would make a plea for members and friends to send us their sub, £3.00, by bank transfer to:

Marsh Link Action Group Sort code: 60-18-09 Account Number 16002032

We are pleased to thank members who have already paid us by bank transfer!