Contact Details for Local Rail Action Groups

Bexhill Rail Action Group (“ESRA”)

Our counterpart for Bexhill


East Coastway Commuters Group (“ECCG”)

A commuters group for the south-eastern coastway


East Sussex Rail Alliance (“ESRA”)

The umbrella group for common issues between BRAG, ECCG, SHRIMP, THWART and MLAG


St. Leonards and Hastings Rail Improvement Programme (“SHRIMP”)

Our counterpart for St. Leonards and Hastings


Three Oaks and Winchelsea Action for Rail Transport (“THWART”)

Our counterpart for Three Oaks, Winchelsea and Doleham


Other Web Sites

Rail Future

An independent organisation campaigning for bigger and better railways.

For more information concerning options for the MarshLink then try:


RMT Union

The RMT represents station staff and guards on the Marsh Link.



ASLEF represents most drivers on the rail network.