Letter to the Birmingham Mail

The following is a letter to the Birmingham Mail following events at Falmer last Friday,What do Southern have to do to lose their Franchise for this ‘service’?


From PeterGrimley1
I left the ground before the end of the game to get a train because I had a feeling Southern Rail would let us down – used to it I suppose.. While I was on the platform waiting for the first I overheard a staff radio message saying that there would be one more train and that was it for an hour or so.  It was just as bad getting to the ground; trains were late and there were no special services leaving masses of supporters milling about in Brighton station – home and away. The AV fans that had come independently were well behaved which was a good job as the delays could easily have caused a public order problem. Fat lot the SR people care; they knew it was a match day and obviously made no effort.
As one who has to put up with it quite often I would say that Southern Rail’s service generally can only be described as pathetic. I sincerely hope that when the franchise is up for renewal it is given to a company that cares about its customers and not just scratching the last penny in profit – and I’m not anti-profit, just anti-bad companies.

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