Commuter Train Reinstated

14 September 2018

At Amber Rudd’s Rail Summit today (Friday 14 September), Southern Railways announced the re-introduction from December of the MarshLink service arriving Ashford at 07.00. The loss of this service in the May 2018 timetable was high on the list of issues raised in MLAG’s passenger survey and was MLAG’s main issue to pursue with Southern for the December timetable.

This service provided good connections onto several ongoing services from Ashford: the direct servicefrom Ashford to Charing Cross at 07.03 (so a very tight connection but, we are told, normally good); the 07.05 to Canterbury West; and the 07.06 to St. Pancras.

MLAG has therefore taken a lead role (along with our colleagues in Hastings & Rother Rail User Groups) in discussions with Southern over the past few months about re-introducing this service from December 2018.


We will report on the other issues discussed at the Rail Summit in next week’s Rye News.


Stuart Harland

Chairman MLAG

Angie Doll addresses Rail Summit