Main MLAG Objectives in Summary

Constructive stakeholder engagement

MLAG will continue to engage regularly with key stakeholders to make sure the interests of all Marshlink users are represented.

This constructive approach has already seen key objectives reached – such as additional late evening trains and improved off-peak connections – and concerns heard (e.g. resisting the proposal to cut the service back to Hastings). Through dispassionate and professional communication, we will give rail users the best opportunity to make their voices heard, and for them to be acted on.


Securing the future

MLAG takes an active role in stakeholder discussions about the long-term strategic options for the Marshlink, including electrification, new rolling stock, and direct services to London via HS1.

We will continue to give pragmatic and balanced input to these discussions, in the interests of all rail users, drawing on the professional expertise of our team in the transport industry and in business.


Regional connectivity

We will continue to lobby for improved connections in both directions on the line.

MLAG has engaged constructively to help maintain the service to Eastbourne under the new timetable and to ensure that journey times to Brighton were not unduly lengthened (through the ‘Eastbourne overlap’).

We will continue to make the case for improved connections westward, as well as better connectivity onto the Tonbridge/Charing Cross line at Ashford, and to other destinations. Engaging with stakeholders in local government as well as the rail industry, we will highlight the need to improve the historically poor transit times along the Sussex coast.


Improved facilities

MLAG will continue to monitor and where necessary flag up facilities and amenities that would benefit from improvement.

These include station parking, booking office opening times, and information provision on stations.


A fair deal for all travellers

Engaging professionally and respectfully with stakeholders, MLAG will lobby to get the best deal and travelling conditions for all passengers. A notable recent success was our intervention to request and secure an ‘easement’ for Network Card holders, allowing them to travel on the line between 09.30 and 10 am under the new timetable.