Later Trains, Shuttle and stopping at Ore

Later trains have been a long standing MLAG objective which after long discussions with the train operators has now been achieved as from May 2018!

Trains now run an hour later in each direction as below except on Sundays.

A later westbound train from Ashford


23.25 from Ashford arriving Rye at 23.46 and travelling on to Hastings stopping at all stations.

A later eastbound service from Hastings

22.48  one hour later than previously from Rye to Ashford (connecting onto the 23.16 Javelin service). This train leaves Hastings at 22.26.

An earlier evening Rye shuttle (Negotiations continue on this objective)

The Rye Shuttles currently leave Ashford at 18.00, 19.02 and 19.59 but we would like an earlier service at 17.00 to cater for the demand, particularly from school children and tourists, especially visitors to Pontins in Camber (though primarily in the Summer).


Ore Station to be a regular stop on the MarshLink (This has also been achieved)

Ore has become a significant community with the opening recently of the Sussex Coast College’s Ore campus. MarshLink trains made a small number of stops at Ore Station but, in practical terms, the service was unusable. We are very glad to note that MarshLink trains now stop at Ore.