Bank Holiday – Extra Shuttles?

Extra Bank Holiday Trains

As we approach the August Bank Holiday weekend we have asked Southern whether we might see the extra shuttle trains to provide a half hourly service that were mentioned by the rail operator at our AGM in May.

We have had the following response which suggests there is hope. “Just checking and as you know we require additional Drivers and Conductors being available.  Hopefully will report back soon.”

It is recognised that, given the forecast good weather that there will be additional passengers likely to be travelling on the line and a risk of trains being over full.

A few problems last weekend

Last weekend there were a number of four coach trains on Sunday operating a service between Rye and Hastings to help cope with numbers travelling to the Eastbourne Air Show.

Unfortunately a minor change to the timetable meant that the xx46 to Ashford was retimed to xx52 missing the HS connection to St Pancras, adding a most frustrating 28 minutes to the journey!


We are asking questions of Southern about this change since only recently Sunday timings were brought into line with the rest of the week.





The problems on Saturday were rather outside Southerns control in that a large fallen tree closed the line at Three Oaks for several hours. The train ran into the tree suffering minor damage.

The Railway did operate a shuttle between Rye and Ashford and I think buses were put on. But at Ashford at 10.00 a.m. there were many people facing a long journey to Eastbourne Airshow via Tonbridge and Hastings.




Finally a new problem on Monday, sheep trespassing on the line at Three Oaks. Sorry I have no photo! So we hope for better luck for the Bank Holiday weekend.