ASLEF Agreement – GTR Statement

ASLEF and GTR have reached an agreement on pay, terms and conditions and Driver Only Operation.

With this agreement, we are now able to progress with the delivery of our planned improvements and provide customers with more certainty regarding train service provision. The agreement guarantees the operation of our services without a second person on board should we need to, until a replacement can be provided, as we have done for the past year. Our key focus is to avoid unnecessary cancellations, which can inconvenience many, to deliver a resilient and reliable service to customers, on the busiest and most congested part of the UK rail network.


Following the changes we have made to improve onboard working practices, we have more on-train staff, on more trains, with more passengers than ever before. We now operate 78% of Southern services with the driver closing doors. As you know this method of operation isn’t new, and has been operating safely for 32 years and now accounts for over a third of the UK rail network.


This dispute has been difficult for all involved, our passengers in particular. As you know we have a busy couple of years ahead, with key customer benefits to deliver as part of our transformation programme, and we will continue to keep you updated on progress.


If you would like to share this information further there is a link on our website which you can use.

(Note by MLAG – the dispute with the RMT representing the guards continues and there is industrial action today and tomorrow which has axed the morning and evening Rye shuttles).