Apologies for Absence

I must apologise for the lack of recent updates to this web site. MLAG is glad to announce that it is still here, but unfortunately I have been quite ill in hospital for the whole of 2020 until recently (NOT with the virus!). I am now rehabilitating at home and hope to  be able to bring this web site up to date. As a start I reproduce our latest Press Release from Stuart Harland, our chairman, with some thoughts on the current situation.

In my absence we finally got our wish for four car trains but given the new regulations these have been running virtually empty through to Hastings. We have also been lucky in that aside from the Shuttle, there has operationally been a full service.

One minor impact of the pandemic has been the cancellation or postponement of attended meetings, including our AGM which is normally held around this time of year. We hope that we shall be able to convene a meeting, but realistically it is not likely to be possible until the Autumn. It is very hard to look ahead at the moment but there are still crucial decisions to made about the future of the line including new trains, electrification, high speed running etc. We will be continuing to push for improvements wherever and whenever we can.

Last but not least our finances have taken a hit as we have not been able to collect subs. Any contributions of £3.00 (or more) would be most welcome. Many members pay by bank transfer which suits us best. Our Bank Details:

National Westminster Bank:

The Marsh Link Action Group 

Sort Code 60-18-19

Account Number: 16002032

We wish all members good health during these difficult times and hope that we can soon get back to campaigning for the MarshLink.


David Bookless